Bedtime Digital Games
Based in Aalborg, Denmark

Founding date:
December 1, 2014


Press / Business contact:
[email protected]


Figment Creed Valley
Back To Bed

Slotsgade 5
9000 Aalborg

(+45) 20 84 37 77


Game studio located in Aalborg, Denmark. Creator of the surreal puzzler Back to Bed.


Early History

Bedtime Digital Games started out as a student production just up to Christmas in 2011. Back then, there was no company, just a large group of students who had made a great game which garnered a lot of attention from local and international press. The team decided to try to develop the game further so that it could be released. The work primarily consisted of ironing out the major bugs and creating more levels. The main goal was for the students to get a released game on their CVs. Most production was done in weekends, with a few crunch periods, in a freezing old warehouse on the harbor of Aalborg, Denmark. A successful Kickstarter funded the technical expenses. Sadly many team members had either no or limited time for development due to their jobs. For this reason, finishing the game became a long trek.

The Next Level

Back to Bed did well in several game shows and conferences and received a good deal of nominations and wins. One of these conferences became the turning point for Back to Bed. Back to Bed was among the student showcase winners at IGF 2013 in San Francisco, and even though it did not take home the grand prize it received a lot of attention, notably by CAP NOVA, a Danish investment firm with a solid experience with games. Two team members, Klaus and Jonas, saw this as a chance to take Back to Bed to the next level; do a complete professional release and perhaps something more in the long run. A smaller, but more dedicated team was created during the latter half of 2013, and by Christmas 2013 the company was born. A company that would not only finish Back to Bed but with the help of an investment could continue making games.



Back to Bed Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner at the Independent Games Festival." - Student Showcase, 2013
  • "Winner at the Dutch Game Awards" - Guts and Glory Award, 2012
  • "Award Finalist" - Unity Awards, 2012
  • "Finalist at NordicGame" - Indie Night, 2012
  • "Best Console Game Nomination" - Indie Prize Europe 2014

Selected Articles

  • "Back to Bed manages to simultaneously be predictable and surprising, sleepy and lively, scary and comforting -just like any good piece of Surrealist art."
    - Kill Screen Magazine,
  • "Back to Bed is (in that way) a classic puzzle game. In the best moments the solution to the puzzles gives you a revelation that levitates the game to being a true gem."
    - Thomas Berger in Computerworld,
  • "With Back to Bed Danish Bedtime Digital Games has created a personal and unforgettable universe, that dares to set itself apart from other games both in terms of style, ambience and design."
    - Thomas Vigild in Weekendavisen,

Klaus Pedersen on Twitter
Personal twitter for Klaus Pedersen (@BedtimeKlaus) available at twitter.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Klaus Pedersen

Jonas Byrresen
Lead Game, Story Designer

Adrielle Buus
Art Director

Dion Christensen

Lasse Juul-Jensen

Lasse Westmark
3D Tech Artist

Niels Højgaard Sørensen
Designer & Musician

Stefan Lindgren
Visual Artist

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